Polyurethane Flooring

The self-smoothing polyurethane systems are an ideal solution for areas such as for meat and fish processing zones, dairies, bakeries, industrial kitchens, catering units, dry and wet processing zones, or any areas where food products frequently come in contact with the floor. It is the resistanc

Epoxy Flooring

We provide the complete self-levelling epoxy flooring solutions to match the needs of our clients. Whether you require chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to heavy loads, ease of maintenance or all of the above, we will be able to provide a satisfying solution for you.      

PU Carparking System

The Finetech's Car Park Flooring solutions are a range of car park coatings that are designed to be environmentally sustainable and be able to enhance visual appearance, sharpen light reflectivity and to prevent water ingress into any car parking structure. Finetech offers this product range in a

Exterior Flooring

Our exterior flooring solutions has been ergonomically designed to reflect the natural beauty of the great outdoors, offering our clients the creative option of coloured stone and marble aggregates, it delivers a textured, non-slip finish that will stand out from the crowd in retail centres ,corp

Sports Flooring

Sports Flooring solutions in sporting environments are subject to frequent and heavy-weight impact, including everything from fast-paced team sports through to bulky gym equipment. Finetech has the expertise to hold up the needs of sporting environments, while offering a hat-trick of hygiene, saf

Commercial / Decorative Flooring

Flooring represents the largest component in any interior scheme after the walls. We at Finetech take extra care to offer an excellent platform to make a bold and impactful design statement with our flooring solutions.Finetech's portfolio of commercial flooring solutions includes - all of which a

Anty Corrosive Coatings

For protection of concrete and metal structures subject to continuous or occasional exposure to heavy duty chemical, thermal and mechanical attack. Finetech’s Anti Corrosive Coating solutions has excellent thermal resistance, excellent chemical resistance, fast curing, hygienic, high abras

Antistatic Resin Flooring

The electrostatic dissipative (ESD) products is particularly designed for use in environments that contain or are handling sensitive components, gases, solvents or even explosives. Industries such as electronics manufacturing and chemical processing sectors have very prominent usage of these prod

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